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Kevin Harrington, the original Shark on Shark Tank, "gives Bullseye Bow thumbs up"

Our Bow and Arrow Design!

We produce our own Bullseye Bow camo print in 7 different colors. Our logo is embedded into the print, behind the forest. It is a tougher exterior grade vinyl with a protective coating to reduce wear, and to add UV protection. We have also changed our string to a thicker, lower stretch cord, that fits to the nock perfectly for easier shooting. Our bow frame pipe is now thicker in the center, for more durability and further shooting distance. Our arrows will now shoot up to 60 feet or more! We glue the the arrow tips on with a tougher, industrial strength glue. Under normal use, they will offer more durability than before. Our bow and arrow set now comes packaged with a cut-out target included, making it great for hanging up anywhere to shoot at!

We hope you enjoy our new design as much as we do!

- Bullseye Bow Team