Youth Bow and Arrow Trainer


  • Fiberglass limbs with iconic Bullseyebow camo design printed directly on them.
  • Handle & quiver are made from a strong nylon plastic
  • The quiver can now be installed on either side of the handle for left or right-hand shooters
  • Arrow tips are a more durable EVA foam.
  • Replaceable foam arrow tips
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*New Design for 2022!*

We’ve redesigned our already great bow and arrow set to an even stronger, more durable, and more realistic product!

  • Our Bullseye Bow camo print is now produced in 8 vibrant colors!
  • Our limbs are now fiberglass with our iconic Bullseye Bow camo design printed directly on them so you know it’s ours.
  • The camo is printed directly onto our newly designed fiberglass limbs through a heat transfer process.
  • The colors are vivid and the material is durable and comparable to higher priced archery sets on the market currently.
  • The handle & quiver are now made from a strong nylon plastic, one of the toughest materials out there.
  • Bows still come with our unique center guide hole design that balances the arrow for easy, accurate shots every time!
  • The bow string is now made from a smaller, no stretch cord that resembles the feel of a real bow string.
  • A newly designed nock that attaches perfectly for easy and accurate shooting
  • The quiver can now be installed on either side of the handle for left or right-hand shooters
  • Arrow tips are now an even more durable EVA foam compared to our previous iteration of arrows.
  • Arrow rods are now thicker and made from an ABS plastic that is stronger and withstands the elements better than our previous arrows.
  • Foam tips are now replaceable thanks to our new arrow rods with tip inserts.
  • Bows are now capable of shooting arrows distances up to 80 feet or more! Much farther than our previous bow!

Each bow set includes

  • Bow
  • Quiver (To hold your arrows)
  • 3 Foam Tip Arrows (Extra arrows or tips available – sold separately.)

We have taken our customer’s feedback serious and feel that our new design is the best of its kind on the market today. We truly feel it’s a great design for any age, from a 3 year old all the way up to an adult!.

We hope you enjoy our new design as much as we do!

-Bullseye Bow Team



Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal


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