Attaching your Velcro Bow

In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to attach your new velcro bow to your Bullseye Bow

*Instructional video at bottom*

By Tanessa Kahrs

First, grab your bow and unstring it. I press the bow into my stomach to make this easier. You’ll only need one side unstrung, so no need to unstring both sides.

Next, you’ll take the funnel piece and insert it into the center guide hole of the bow. You may have to wiggle it around to squeeze it through.

Take the rod with the ring, bend the ring over a bit and thread the string through the ring.

Now you can take the rod and insert it into the funnel piece.

At this point, you can restring your bow.

After the bow is restrung, all you have to do is place the velcro ball in the cone and shoot!

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